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Frequently Asked Questions

I have had an offer accepted. When should I commission a survey?

As soon as your offer has been accepted, you should press ahead with commissioning a survey.  This will give you an opportunity to deal with any issues arising from it at an early stage.

Which survey should I have?

This depends on the size, condition and age of the property.  There are various types of report available - please see the information elsewhere within this website.  Alternatively, please feel free to call one of our surveyors for guidance who will be happy to talk you through your options.

Why do I need a survey?

A house purchase is one of the biggest financial and emotional decisions of your life and in some instances a survey can potentially save thousands of pounds in the event of significant issues/essential repairs coming to light.

Will the survey be full of caveats and clauses?

Each and every survey report is individual to the property.  We do not to defer to 'specialists' other than to give quotes for the cost of repairs or where structural repair advice is required. We do try to be consistent in the way in which we report problems. In this way we ensure clear and sensible advice.

Can the survey include issues which I am worried about or changes I am thinking of making to the property?

Within the scope of a Building Survey, you are welcome to email, telephone, or write to us with any points of concern.  Wherever possible, we will comment on these issues.

Can I discuss the written report with the surveyor?

Yes of course; you are very welcome to do this and we positively encourage this in order to clarify any issues or concerns that you may have.

How long does the survey process take?

Access can usually be arranged within a few days of receipt of formal instruction.  Once inspected, the survey report will normally be published within 5-7 working days thereafter.  If you have specific time scales, however, we will do our best to accommodate you. If for any reason we can't meet your requirements we will tell you so before accepting your instructions. The report can be emailed and/or posted to you.

Can you recommend specialists or builders to quote for work?

We can give you the names of some companies with whom we are familiar to quote for the work. We always recommend that you obtain at least 3 estimates before you exchange contracts.

What will the survey cost?

The cost of a survey will vary depending upon the type of survey, extent of instruction, and type, size and condition of the property to be inspected.  The cost of other professional reports, for example, schedules of condition, Expert Witness reports, vary depending on the nature of the work and, in particular, the estimated amount of time to be taken to complete them.  All surveys have the ability to provide a property valuation within the report at an additional cost.  All of the fee quotes that we provide are fixed and will not vary unless circumstances are exceptional.

Should I give a copy of the report to my Legal Adviser?

Upon request, we will send a complimentary copy of the survey report to your legal adviser.  There will be legal issues contained within the survey report which will need to be investigated further by them and commented on.  Accordingly, it is ESSENTIAL that your legal adviser reads the report carefully.

Will you give advice and/or comment on other (related) reports (for example, an Environmental report or specialists' report)?

No. This is beyond the scope of our expertise.

I am buying a new property with an NHBC guarantee. Should I still have a survey?

According to "Which", new properties have on average 80 defects.  You should consider commissioning a snagging list to highlight these problems.  These can then be put right at the builder's expense.

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